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What do I do if I don’t get any quotes online?

What do I do if I don’t get any quotes online?

Check the details you’ve entered. 
You may have entered something incorrectly. Still having problems? 
Call us on 0333 014 6683. 

How will I receive my 
policy documents?

We’ll email you all your insurance documents. It’s important that you keep us up to date if your email address changes so we can contact you about important updates.

How do I access my documents if the link has expired?

You can access your documents at any time by requesting a new link here.


How much do I need to pay 
if I cancel?

If you cancel your insurance outside your cooling off period, you’ll need to pay a £15 fee.


What is the cooling off period?

The cooling off period is the 14 days from the later of:

  • the date you bought your insurance 
  • the date you received your insurance documents

How do I cancel my insurance?

You may cancel your insurance
at any time by contacting us on
0333 014 6683.

Quotes and Documents


Can I cancel someone 
else's policy?

You’ll need the  policyholder’s authorisation to amend or cancel their policy. They’ll need to email or phone us directly. Please contact us on 
0333 014 6683.


How will I know my policy has been cancelled?

We’ll email you a cancellation notice once your policy has been cancelled.

Will I receive a refund if I cancel?

You’ll receive a partial refund based on the length of time you’ve been covered, providing you haven’t made any claims during the term of your policy and there hasn’t been an incident you could have claimed for.

Making changes

How do I make a change 
to my policy?

If your circumstances change, you should let us know straight away by contacting us on 0333 014 6683. If you don’t do this, your policy could become invalid.

When can I call Simply Business?

We’re available on the phone Monday to Friday 9am till 6pm and Saturday 9am till 2pm.We’re closed on Sundays.

What will it cost me to make 
a change?

There’s a £15 administration fee to make a change after the 14-day cooling off period. Depending on the nature of the change, it could also have an effect on your insurance premium. 


How do I change my contact details?

You can call us on 0333 014 6683 or email us at contact@simplybusiness.co.uk.

When will I receive my 
renewal quote?

We’ll email you 21 days before your policy is due to expire, so it’s important to keep your contact details up to date.


What's automatic renewal and how does it work?

We’ll automatically renew your policy, to ensure you're not left without 
cover if:

  • you have a standard policy
  • the insurer providing your policy will stay the same after the policy renews, unless your insurer can no longer provide your cover
  • you’ve paid for your current policy by debit or credit card or via direct debit; and 
  • you haven’t told us not to

How long is my renewal quote valid for?

Your quote will be valid until the 
date your cover is due to start, 
up to a maximum of 30 days, unless otherwise stated.


You can opt out of your renewal 
at anytime. If your new policy has started it can be cancelled within 14 days of your renewal date without a fee – after 14 days a £15 administration fee applies

How do I opt out of automatic renewal?


How do I make a claim?

You must let the Simply Business Claims Team at Cunningham Lindsey know about all claims you need to make and any circumstances that may give rise to a claim under your insurance policy. You can contact them:

  • by phone: 0333 207 0560 (24 hours)
  • by email: simplybusiness@cl-uk.com 
  • online: simplybusiness.co.uk/insurance-claims 
  • by post: Simply Business Claims Team, 16 Park Place, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales, CF10 3DQ


How do I pay for my insurance?

You can pay your premium in one of the following ways: 

  • paying the annual premium in full by credit or debit card 
  • paying in monthly instalments by direct debit
  • paying the annual premium in full by BACS

Premium Credit Limited

Premium Credit Limited are the credit provider who finance your credit agreement. A credit agreement is provided if you pay for your insurance policy on a monthly basis via direct debit.

How do I refer a friend?

Please find further information here.

What is the reward for referring 
a friend?

These are the two different types 
of referral:

Referrer: The person with an existing policy who refers someone else (receives £50 e-voucher)

Referee: The person who receives referral from someone else and purchases a new policy with us (receives £25 e-voucher)

Cashback and vouchers

When do I receive my gift card?

Eligible customers for a reward following a successful referral will be sent a unique link to a third party vendor’s website to redeem a Gift Card for the reward value, within 30 days of qualifying for the reward, which is non-negotiable and non-exchangeable.

You will have a choice of retailers from which to choose your e-Voucher including Amazon.co.uk, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, ASOS and B&Q.

Where can I spend my gift card?

Please see further information here.

What are the terms and conditions for gift cards?

Eligible customers will receive their cheque via post within 45 days of your policy start date.

When will I receive my cashback cheque?

Quotes and documentsCancellationsMaking changesRenewalsClaimsPaymentsCashback and vouchers

Can you send me a paper copy 
of my documents?

Yes, you can use the following link 
to request a paper copy of your documents. Please consider the environment when deciding whether you need paper copies.

If possible we will provide you with a quote from an alternative insurer. We will provide you with information of the new insurer in our renewal email and let you know if there are changes in the policy terms. You must contact us if you would prefer for the insurance policy to expire.

What if my insurer can no longer provide my cover

How long is my quote valid for?

Your quote will be valid until the 
date your cover is due to start, 
up to a maximum of 30 days, unless otherwise stated.